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Expectations for women (and men) keep ramping up. You are supposed to have a sizzling career or business that progresses steadily upward in prestige and pay, fantastic relationships with colleagues, your work team, friends, and a significant other, a wonderful family that is super-involved in everything (with no trouble or angst), and a beautiful home where you entertain regularly (and effortlessly, mind you.) Oh, and a perfectly gorgeous (and perfectly clean) car to drive. And you have this feeling that you should be doing something bigger…helping to change the world. And…well, you get the picture. Crazy, right? Our lives seem to be getting busier rather than calmer. And it’s not your fault – the world has changed so drastically you couldn’t possibly keep up with everything society tells us is important!

Is there hope? Whether you’re in the corporate world, non-profit work, or small business ownership, we’ve learned that you need to be true to your heart if you want to play a bigger game.

And think of what playing a bigger game means to you! Imagine checking off a bucket list that is full of your amazing dreams. Imagine being a role model to your family, friends, and co-workers. Imagine designing a life that includes work that thrills you, and the freedom to spend time with those you love most. Imagine a lifestyle that allows you to learn and grow month after month, year after year. Imagine having the resources to share, really share with those in need.

Here, we care about YOU living a GREAT life! As prior corporate, non-profit leaders and long-time entrepreneurs, from building a business to advocating for abused and neglected children to teaching single moms they are WORTH it, we are  super-committed to help you get the results you want AND to make the process fun along the way! You can have balance in a passionate life!

Since developing this business, we’ve discovered the secrets to creating the best relationships we ever thought possible, where we enable lots of people to live out their dreams, we get to give back to those in need, and still have the time to travel, read, dance, and learn…gotta’ tell ya’ – life can be SO good! In the spirit of being real, we are not perfect people by any means (just ask our husbands, kids, and friends – wink,) but we are totally committed to bringing you everything we know about living a balanced life of success, freedom, and fun while changing the world around us.

This site is about delivering value to you — high-quality personal development training and coaching. We’re thrilled you’re here!

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