What’s Your Word for 2015? (Mine is INSPIRE)

Have you chosen a “word” for 2015 yet? This popular tradition of choosing one word as “yours” for the year has been around for a few years now. In the past, I didn’t want to choose just one word – I was afraid it would be limiting. After all, there are gazillions of words out there, so why choose just one?


I’ve since reconsidered. Last year I chose “IMPACT.” And it changed my life in ways I’d never thought of.


The word came to me the end of November 2013. I had dreams of impacting more and more people in 2014 with a message of unconditional love and empowerment. Then, December 8, I was in a very serious car accident. (Yes, the irony is evident to me, too!)

car accident 2 Car accident

I was faced with many choices at that time…to withdraw and feel sorry for the impact that the accident had on me physically, mentally, and emotionally OR to choose to live with passion and purpose and do my very best to impact those around me in a positive way. I didn’t always choose the passionate and purposeful way of living, but for the most part, I did, and what a blessing it turned out to be.



Being vulnerable, asking for and receiving love and help, being impacted as well as impacting others was a huge gift for me in 2014. And the ability to provide unconditional love and empowerment was all the sweeter while learning how fragile and precious life really is.


So…I’ve given a lot of thought to this year’s word and have chosen the word “INSPIRE.” The origin of the word is inspirare, from in- + spirare “to breathe.”


The current definition, from the Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary © 2006-2013 K Dictionaries Ltd., is “to encourage by filling witheg confidence, enthusiasm.”


My mission is to inspire people to live life with passion and purpose, changing the world for the better. “Inspire” is a word of strength and passion and giving, all attributes I consciously attempt to foster.


Inspiring others inspires me 🙂 It’s an endless loop of giving and receiving.


Some action steps I can take to INSPIRE:

  • Pay attention to the people around me…where they are at physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  • When noticing others, let them know they are seen, heard, loved. Take action to meet needs whenever possible.
  • When seeing others’ needs, pray for them. That divine intervention will have more impact than anything else I can do myself.


My 2015 mantra: INSPIRE…to encourage by filling with confidence, enthusiasm, and breathing in empowerment. It’s no accident.


Sandi Gordon is an author, senior program manager, leadership consultant, executive coach, researcher, wife, mom, and grandma, who practices unconditional love and empowerment. And now drives a Volvo. If you’d like to take steps to live life with passion and real purpose, check out her free 30-minute SpeedCoach sessions. Click here: SPEEDCOACH SESSION to set yours up!  (Limited availability)


  1. This is wonderful, Sandi! I love the definitions of “inspire”~ they could define my purpose too (to Inform, inspire, ignite!) so we are sisters for the cause. Carry on, dear lady. And more power to you. May your year be FULL of amazing stories of how this word has brought blessings to your life and others’.

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